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"Let's take a ride to the boulevard of broken dreams, we'll hop on a bus, go on down check out the scene. We'll sit on the stools where our heroes hung, if we do things right we'll be forever young." "We'll See Elvis" by Brian Edblad. The title track off of Brian's 2014 acoustic solo album got a reboot on 2016's "Flypaper for Freaks" with a fresh new take on the song. 2016 remained a busy year with the release of Brian's third solo record in as many years. In  2014 Brian started things off with his first solo CD "We'll See Elvis" in February and then recorded "Baby in My Dreams", a four song EP by his band The Velvet Pancakes, followed up by a remixed, new songs added re-release of 2013's "The VP's" and in early 2015 Brian recorded and produced "The Undergroove"'s debut album and also released his second solo effort "Bubblegum Cigarette" which resulted in "The World's Passed Us By" hitting number one on the West Coast XR Radio Network Lead by LA's KMIX. In 2017 Brian released "Flypaper for Freaks" and the title track also reached number one on the West Coast XR Radio Network in January 2018. His latest single "Let It Bleed" is currently getting a lot of airplay on both the XR Radio Network and his video is in heavy rotation on the Gravity One Video Network. Look for new music from his new project: Joe Germ in the fall of 2018.

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